Live Review: DevilDriver at O2 Academy Bournemouth

“It’s my job to get you through Monday to Friday”, jokes Dez Fafara; frontman of DevilDriver. Indeed, it’s not often that your working week is split with dose of Californian heavy metal here at the O2 Academy Bournemouth.

After two support acts and a successful performance by touring partners 36 Crazyfists, the anticipation was reaching its peak as the lights went down and finally DevilDriver graced the stage. Firing into ‘I Could Care Less’ from their self titled album of 2003, immediately followed by crowd pleaser ‘Hold Back The Day’ and newest single ‘Prey For Villains’ it became clear that DevilDriver had all guns blazing and were set to tear the place up.

Despite the crowd being relatively sparse, the intensity created by remaining fans only increased. The band themselves were on top form and their relentless energy was reciprocated as they supplied an array of DevilDriver hits, both old and new. There was no doubt that Bournemouth metallers were lapping up every riff.

By the time ‘Meet The Wretched’ began another gap in the crowd emerged in seconds, yet this time for one of the band’s legendary circle pits and while short-lived; it proved to be the climax of the night. As Dez and his bandmates were called back on stage for an encore of ‘These Fighting Words’ it was evident that, all in all, a well-chosen set list and powerful execution had been one to satisfy any DevilDriver fan.

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