Live Review: Kylesa at The Underworld

Kylesa’s material has evolved drastically from the predominantly hardcore sound rooted in their early work; through the trippy and stoned Static Tensions to their latest accomplishment which has evidently pushed the band’s boundaries once again. Unlike its predecessors, Spiral Shadow consists of an entirely fresh sound and while retaining the aggressive delivery which underpins Kylesa’s music, for me it also encompasses a new, optimistic sense of direction. Their most recent offering strays almost entirely from their previous work which was so anger enriched and reflects a positive new approach to music and perhaps life in general. With sublime new work as ammunition for their current headline tour of  the UK, the show at Camden’s packed out The Underworld was set to be pretty explosive.

We were presented with an array of tracks from across the latter of Kylesa’s discography, each played flawlessly. From the word go, songs such as ‘Unknown Awareness’ assisted in lulling spectators in to a transfixed state of awe. ‘Scapegoat’ and other heavier favourites soon got heads banging and the crowd surging.

It was a performance that undoubtedly showcased Kylesa’s full spectrum of genre defying talent and versatility. The newer songs were well received, as to be expected from previous months of praise from the media and positive response from fans, both old and new. ‘Don’t Look Back’, for me, represents Kylesa’s higher level of musical accomplishment and a  promising sign of things to come.

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