Film Review: Animal Kingdom

Director: David Michod

As instantly as the first scene, crime thriller Animal Kingdom sucks the audience in to a vortex of destruction surrounding one family.

We follow J who, after having no choice but to move in with his grandmother and three uncles, is exposed to their dangerous behaviour. Whilst the family unit teeters towards jeopardy, we attentively grip hold so to find out whether young J will adapt or crumble under the mounting pressure brought on by his elders. Will he eat, or be eaten?

The acting is convincing from the whole cast and Jacki Weaver’s performance as J’s grandmother Janine, or ‘Smurf’, is especially intriguing. The character’s relationship with her family is astounding; while maternal and protective on the outside, you only have to look into her eyes to see that she is completely detached from the harsh reality of their situation.

After the family’s downfall, this hard-hitting production ends just as ferociously as it begins and we are left to consider whether J really has become one of the pack.

Personal Score: 3.5/5

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