Live Review: Evile at The Cellar

Those who arrived at The Cellar early on Monday evening will have reaped the benefits as support band Bloodworks, a young foursome from Gosport, laid down a shockingly heavy opening of work; packing a deathly punch reminiscent of the genre’s greats and audibly entwined with contemporary influences, like Devildriver and Lamb Of God. The band’s obvious knowledge of no-frills metal past and present made for an impressive spectacle in light of their age. Be sure to catch Bloodworks locally before the upcoming EP catapults the band to new heights.

Sweden’s Wolf may be poles apart from the forerunner’s fresh blend of brutality with their entertaining take on old school British heavy metal, yet they bridged the gap between openers and headliner energetically and with much crowd engagement during their final date on this UK tour.

Evile should arguably be packing venues to the max at this point in the band’s career, however the presence at The Cellar left a lot to be desired. Energy levels and crowd movement seemed to be flagging throughout, especially in comparison to the frenzy at Southampton’s Talking Heads almost exactly a year ago after the success of Five Serpent’s Teeth.

This time Huddersfield’s most popular thrashers mixed up their usual set to include rare bangers and unheard live performances prior to this tour, such as ‘Origin Of Oblivion’. For this fan, failure to witness other punters bouncing off the walls in excitement and appreciation came as a disappointment. Nevertheless, the reception was welcoming and the quartet’s decision to retain fan favourites into the setlist was apparently a wise move – going some way to injecting the rightly deserved commotion into the crowd.

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