Mookychick Article: On Season Three of GIRLS

Since I first published my thoughts on the first season of GIRLS, my love for the show only grew throughout Season 2. So much so that it inspired me to write about the merits of Lena Dunham’s creation for the lovely Mookychick website.

Apparently Season 3 is in production at the moment, but until it airs you can read about why I’m so excited here.

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Review: Lost Society – Fast Loud Death

I’ve just started contributing to Rock’n’Reel Reviews, which is pretty exciting. My first review introduced me to an up-and-coming young thrash band from Finland called Lost Society. They’re a lot of fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better first album to listen to on behalf of the site.

You can read the full Fast Loud Death review here.

Personal Score: 4/5

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The Guardian Film Blog: Five of the Best Unhappy Endings

Something I wrote for the The Guardian last month. It was great coming up with the most sad and sick endings in film.


If you subscribe to the view that happy endings are too often used to satisfy audiences, there’s a good chance you’ll revel in endings that offer the complete opposite. Why conform to generating cheery satisfaction on a mass scale when you can leave audiences stunned, disgusted or bewildered? Some of Hollywood’s most powerful final scenes are also some of the most emotionally unsettling.

What are yours? Read the rest on the Guardian Film Blog.