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Review: Children Of Bodom – Halo Of Blood

My highlight of the month has been reviewing the latest Children Of Bodom album. Read my final Halo Of Blood review here!

As a Bodom super-fan and self-appointed expert on the band, the opportunity of unravelling Halo Of Blood for the Rock’n’Reel readers was nothing short of awesome.  The album is a good one and I promise that is a completely unbiased view!


Personal Score: 5/5


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Spring Breakers Film Review for The F-Word

Harmony Korine’s film Spring Breakers completely knocked my socks off. It’s a fascinating and scarily accurate take on modern society, down to the dub-step and references to double-penetration.

First, here’s my long review for The F-Word, in which I argue that there’s more to SB than bikini-clad ‘hotties’ and explain why, contrary to the opinion of others, the film does not reinforce rape culture.

And here’s my second review, for Rock’n’Reel Reviews, which sums-up the film’s greatness nicely.


Personal Score: 5/5