Do More Magazine: David Gray Review

Another live review published in Do More Magazine, this time of singer-songwriter David Gray and his performance at the Bournemouth Pavilion.


As soon as David Gray and his accompanying band of seven entered the stage of the Bournemouth Pavilion on Wednesday night a warm, lively reception greeted them from a packed crowd.  Already well-respected for his back-catalogue of indie – folk rock, it’s safe to say that Gray would have been welcomed just as enthusiastically prior to this year’s new release. Yet armed with fresh material from new album Mutineers, his audience were clearly in the mood to celebrate.

Wasting no time in promoting new tracks, the singer-songwriter started the night’s proceedings with ‘Birds of the High Arctic’, a beautiful introduction followed by a handful of other Mutineers tracks. At the start of songs like ‘Gulls’ and ‘Back in the World’ murmurs of appreciation within the transfixed crowd was indicative of their early familiarity with the star’s latest work.

Following shower upon shower of warm applause, we were taken through a meander of older material, revisiting well-loved songs from breakthrough album White Ladder. By this point people were making their admiration heard with cheering, shouts of “Brilliant!” and even a few ladies waving and swaying in the aisles. Maintaining a sophisticated demeanour throughout, Gray seemed delighted by the response to his first ever Bournemouth performance. His talented band members also visibly loosened up as the set progressed, clearly enjoying their own musical delights.

As the show came to a close, an exuberant plea for an encore brought about three more tracks from the talented front-man and co., at which point the majority of the audience were standing and embracing the opportunity to sing along to their favourites. Of course ‘Babylon’ made an appearance as the evening’s finale.

Judging by the overall age-range of the crowd, the night’s performance was occupied by long-term fans of Gray’s work. But if he continues to perform shows of this stature, then new generations of music lovers are sure to be entranced by his distinctive style and genuine persona for years to come.

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